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Only one thing left to do!

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This is the NFL’s “Golden” Super Bowl Season and Tom Brady is known as the Golden Boy. As you get older, competitive juices can begin to fade but the league and people around the world have ensured Brady’s already big chip on his shoulder feel like it did back in Michigan.

To Brady’s defense I ask why can’t the simplest answer to the whole deflate-gate be just what was said. Jastremski just went to the bathroom! Occam’s Razor…

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What is the New Normal in Dating?

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Thanks to reality television where the women are out of control, settling for blatant cheating men, arguing over dumb stuff, physical altercations with their fellow sistahs, and side chicks stepping to main chicks as if it’s their right. It seems we now live in a world where a lady, one who exudes confidence and carries herself with self-respect, dignity, and class, are now abnormal. I don’t consider these

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BTM Buzz with Leedz Edutainment

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Ned Wellbery a.k.a. Leedz was Born in Lynn, MA and raised in transit between northern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. He was subjected to music as soon as he was born. His Grandfather was a Jazz drummer and would play constantly in front him. His mother was a big fan of folk music and taught him the importance of lyrics through the music of Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Neil Young, and Leonard Cohen. But as a teenager, he fell victim of a broken home when his dad disappeared when he was only 11 years old, leaving him

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