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Only one thing left to do!

By September 14, 2015September 27th, 2015Sport

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This is the NFL’s “Golden” Super Bowl Season and Tom Brady is known as the Golden Boy. As you get older, competitive juices can begin to fade but the league and people around the world have ensured Brady’s already big chip on his shoulder feel like it did back in Michigan.

To Brady’s defense I ask why can’t the simplest answer to the whole deflate-gate be just what was said. Jastremski just went to the bathroom! Occam’s Razor…

Just like the airport, you have to keep your belongings with you. And given that Jastremski would have to wait until halftime to relieve himself he just took his balls with him to go take a leak. That really sounds simple enough.

But what we got, from that point on, has been speculation to the highest order. He could have done this or that but what about what he said he did?

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen falsely stated 11 Patriots balls were deflated and none of the Colts were. That media credential to the world gave way to every possible “they did” this and that, thereafter.

The refs measurements were within atmospheric deflation range but that didn’t matter.

The truth is, Ravens coach John Harbaugh was furious at Brady’s comment about knowing the rules. That lead to the Ravens contacting to Colts which lead to them contacting the league. Harbaugh just passed along his negative energy and the enemies of the Patriots in the league office found just the right rule that Mr. Brady himself would fall prey to because they knew no one (NFL Officials) cared about air in a football and that ALL teams ADJUST to their QB’s preference.

It was like checkmate and Brady and the Patriots didn’t know what hit them.

The NFL let social media do the rest. They just didn’t think Tom would stay steadfast or that a Judge would rule against them. Rich mans arrogance…

Although the Judge did not rule guilty or not, he made it VERY clear there was no GATE in the witch hunt.

Which leaves us where we are now, with the youngest team to ever win the Bowl, with the greatest QB ever and the greatest coach ever in a city that has come accustom to sports greatness.

The first few weeks of the season will look a little sloppy on defense for all teams but the best will settle in and rise to the top.

The Patriots now have the NFL’s Haunted House where seemingly every team is seeing ghosts and goblins running around.

The NFL on the other hand now has an integrity and non believable stigma on them, and with the movie CONCUSSION coming in December the world will be reminded of how far they will go to keep their agenda.

With that will come a twist! A Patriots team that refuses to lose and a changing of hearts from common fans looking to see them finish it off and stick it in the nose of the league.

There really is only one thing for the Patriots to do in such a special year. Not lose!

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