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Bulletin June 2016

By June 16, 2016Barber industry

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Welcome to the BarberTime June Bulletin, 2016. This is where we take a closer look inside the Barber lifestyle and seek out the best video, social media posts and industry talent.


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  • Jim the Trim & Autism Awareness
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Get Your Head Out Your @$$ and Promote Your Services!

You sit in the chair and wait for money to come to you. Word of mouth is good but not enough. Just standing outside your shop and passing out your business cards will make a big difference.

Wait, do you have business cards??? Don’t forget your online marketing. Blogs are the best way to be found online, not Facebook, Twitter or instagram. Have a website and operate like a business.

Your business community treats you like you’re business is important, by asking you to promote their services, but do you promote yours? Have you had a customer say “you should charge for your good advice”? That’s because you’re extremely resourceful just for being in the position you’re in, a barbershop!

Imagine if you not only promoted your awesome new hairstyles, but also your thoughts on the things that matter in your community. Better yet, what if you shared your relationship you have with your neighboring businesses. You could increase your income dramatically by drawing more people to your chair via your willingness to talk to pedestrians near your shop. You can also widen that range with an online presence.

People will drive from out of state for a good barber so why settle for a one mile radius? A simple three step marketing plan, to drive in your client type (decide on your wanted client type), and exercising your other entrepreneurial skills will turn your “hustle” into a profession! And turn your girlfriend and apartment into a wife and home!




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Bulletin June

TBMN Trailer for Barbershop 3 "Next Cut" Movie Premier

Jim the Trim & Autism Awareness

It is critically important that we, as barbers, do all we can to better serve each and every client comes into our barbershops in need of a haircut. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability that may cause a person to communicate, interact, behave, and learn in ways that are different from most other people. There are those with ASD who need a lot of help in their daily lives while others can need less. Patience, kindness and gentleness can help to overcome any of these obstacles.

On November 3, 2015, Jamie Lewis and Denine Davies brought their son Mason, who had recently been diagnosed with ASD, to Jim the Trim Barbershop, South Wales, UK. The shop owner, James Williams, had made several attempts over the last three months to give Mason a full and proper haircut, but with little success. It wasn’t until Williams, 26, got down on Mason’s level that he was able to make him comfortable and the rest has made internet history.

Mason had found a place of contentment, as he lay on the floor playing with his father’s mobile phone, watching random programs that entertained him. “So, I thought, let’s join him and lay with him and see if it works,” says Williams. And, the rest is internet history.

“I have been attempting to find different ways on how to cut Masons hair. He wouldn’t allow me to go near one of his ears. He would run away on times if he wasn’t up to it. Many times I’ve had to chase him on the sofa, but (this time) he laid there in silence and I just started cutting. It didn’t bother him,” James says. “Leaving him do his own thing is what he wanted and it worked. It was just incredible.”

This Facebook post has now been viewed well over a million times, 15,000 likes, almost 4,000 shares and over 900 comments (not to mention, the major media outlets that have published variations of the story in newspapers, online and television).

James has created a tremendous platform to establish a compassion for clients with special needs and particularly for autism awareness. I got a chance to ask him about his newly founded organization, Autism Barbers Assemble (ABA). “So, we can all do these haircuts but what is more important is that a barber can and is willing to service anyone who walks through our door.”

James’ primary aim is to spread autism awareness everywhere he can. But, where Wales’ Men’s Stylist of the Year for 2016 has the most influence and can invoke the most change, is right at home, in the barber industry. “I hear of so many families going through the struggle of a little thing such as a haircut. It can be one hardest things for a child on the autism spectrum to overcome.

After hearing of families being refused from barbershops for the child making too much noise and disturbing other customers, and the child being classed as naughty by the shop and staff for not keeping still, James decides to do one hour appointments on a sunday in my shop so they are welcomed and not to feel judged by others. You can feel his comforting confidence as he says, “All they need is patience and understanding.”

Autism Barbers Assemble will be presenting on main stage at Chicago’s B Groomed Men’s Expo, July, 9-10, 2016. “I’m glad to to be part of it… I believe as a barber we should cater all services. I’m hoping that my talk at B Groomed will help a lot of barbers make better decisions in their businesses and show them how to cater services to these underserved clients.

“I’m very excited to come to America, develop a team of barbers from America who want to take a stand to spread the awareness. The more barbers support these types of campaigns, the more awareness is raised and the children can be accepted as equals and not judged for being different.” This will add a time of rest, comfort and peace for those challenged with ASD, their families and loved ones.

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