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September 27, 2018 in Sport, Uncategorized

4 straight for Thursday Night Football – TBMN Sports

With new quarterbacks playing well in new places and teams better understanding the short work week before the game, Thursday Night Football has caught up and given us one more…
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July 26, 2018 in Editorials, Sport

Blame Game: Butler got everyone “All in their feelings”!

Kraft is content and missing his dear wife. Brady uses that and Krafts love for him to trade Jimmy and threaten retirement if Gronk is traded. All while Butler cries…
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February 7, 2017 in Sport

Pressure bursts pipes and makes classics!

It makes coaches over think... It makes offensive linemen hold... It makes defensive backs hands turn to stone... It makes big mouth fans put their ass in their mouths... It…
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November 28, 2016 in Sport

Coaching Changes in College Football

This past weekend in college football saw some big announcements and changes in coaching. What has been speculated and considered to be a done deal for a few weeks now…
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