WARNING: Barber Hunters on the loose

By March 9, 2016April 4th, 2016Barber industry, Editorials
barber hunter

WARNING: Barber Hunters on the loose

Barber Hunters

Barbers and beauticians beware! Wolves and sharks are portraying as caring concerned entrepreneurs looking to help your industry!

If you notice someone like that, stop and ask them if they’re a barber. If they say no, ask them why your industry? Then wait for the BS!

With total revenues of over $100 Billion from the combined barber, beauty and grooming industries, it’s an easy target.

In cities like Cleveland, Houston, Boston and Atlanta, there are stories of local promoters and serial entrepreneurs conducting events and services trying to profit off of your resources.

Whether it be a hair show, an APP, a publication, a media program or network marketing scheme, these intruders will create anything to get in.

In some cases like hair shows, they cattle you on and off stage like its nothing. When you are the real star of the show. Or they push to get you in some publication or footage on their video program.

What they don’t understand is how built you are for detecting and eliminating false causes. You listen as they go on about how they know how important you are. Not knowing you’re about to give them the “people’s eyebrow” like the Rock.

You are a tough nut to crack for a reason! The dedication and commitment to your community strengthens you and sharpens your eye for that BS!

Barbers, protect your industry, protect your lifestyle, spread barber love and release that budding entrepreneur in you to create and upgrade the future of barbering. But be sure to cut off all the dead ends! Makes your hair grow faster… lol!

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barber hunters

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