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Black barbers what the f@#$ are you doing?

Where are the black barbers?

Black barbers what the f@#$ are you doing?

I asking cuz I need to know… Wtf y’all doing black barbers? I know it’s not all of us but your almost irrelevant!

First I have to salute all my Hispanic barbers out there getting it in, pushing and supporting the current flow of the industry.

And another salute to the white barbers catching on to the fade techniques and culture of the urban barbershops environment.

But that leads right to my original question, wtf black barbers?

The current look and feel of the culture was born and forged in the black barbershop. The movie series from Uncle Cube, “Barbershop” is what we are seeing developing and growing across the globe. But visit any barbering event these days and there is less than 5% of the attendees that are black. Except Bronner Brothers in Atlanta, you can go to any Coast or borough and look, y’all ain’t there!

Are you comfortable? Are you mad? Are your skills inferior? Or I get it, you to good! ? You to fly and ppl gonna hate on your pimpin… Man @#$#@$#+!!!! Put whatever cussin phrase that says to you, STFU, shake the sh!# out of yourself and wake up!

The industry is on the rise when it comes to eyeballs and your presence is needed to the mix. Your skill set, charisma and mean ass grind is necessary to change the game and perception of the profession.

Maybe you can’t get to the big boys like the CT Barber Expo or the Mid-West Barber Battle, but support the ones in your area. There’s an edge and a sense of purpose you’ll get out of being there. Use it to upgrade your services or go after another entrepreneurial venture you’ve been thinking about.

Even if it’s just one out of ten of you that get this message and put forth the effort, I’m good! I know those numbers will help.

For the others that got offended and feel some kind of way about it, please continue being you and stay as you may. Or say something…? Might help that barber next to you that wanna do something, do something.


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