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The OBC 2021 is here!

Fall Premiere begins 10.12.21

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OBC Rules & Guidelines


  • Done like a boxing promotion!
  • 8 total participants with a BarberTime profile and Fan Page setup
  • 2 competitors for each week’s matchup
  • BarberTime puts up $100 plus hosting and marketing
  • ALL competitors put up $100 each, per match
  • Winner takes all each battle
  • The Four Winners battle in the Season Finale after a one week OFF PERIOD for season recap show
  • Season Finale champion wins $500 provided by BarberTime RADIO and our Sponsor
  • Judged by a committee of 3: Commissioner , Promoter , Host
  • Judging criteria: degree of difficulty, finished look, showmanship, wordplay, tool usage
  • Draws go to OBC Fan Club page vote!


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