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Barber/Stylist Covid19 Think Tank

By April 29, 2020May 13th, 2020Barber industry, Business, News

Recovering Our Industries!

Barber/Stylist Covid19 Think Tank


Mission Statement:

“The Barber/Stylist Covid19 Think Tank is a collective body of licensed professional barbers and stylists who work together to create solution based action plans and resources while establishing Integrity, respect, and the deliverance of specific release funds for our industry.”

We’ve proposed these solutions below:

  • Continued Unemployment While Transitioning To New Work Flow And Social Distancing Requirements To An Agreed Timeline.
  • Appropriate Grant Specific Relief Funding For Licensed Professionals up to $10,000 (for self-employed and known expenses self-employed workers, interest, rent and utilities and new unforeseeable one like and not limited to: Sanitation supply increases, Disposal cost increase, Insurance increases, Public concern awareness, Time delegation increases, Traffic flow decreases, etc. Also Create An Expedient Process To Access The Funding
  • Specific industry Loan: Purpose is for self-employed workers, interest, rent and utilities. Loan will be deferred for (6) months but interest accrues over this period. ¬†Two (2) Year Term At 1%. The borrower may be eligible to apply for loan forgiveness.


The Barber Time Media Network Inc. is a digital resource for producing, procuring, our industries information.

For more information, please visit

The BarberTime Media Network, Inc.,

Office: (877) 427-1177
Email: Website:

“The Tank” – Q&A’s

. Do we have a plan on what funding should be appropriated to?
. How long, in terms, are we looking for funding?
. What is the most pressing need?
. How much do we estimate the costs will be monthly for the new normal expenses?
. Have you considered partnering with suppliers?
. Are we in affiliations with anyone?
. How long do you foresee your challenges may last?
. Will students be eligible?
. Who should be eligible?

Acting body:
Works at Rob Roy Academy
Owner at Mvp’s Barbershop
“Licensed Master Barber & Type 1, Operator” at The World Famous “EverythingIsReal!” – Hair Care
Owner/Stylist at Salon Connects
Founder/CEO/Owner at The BarberTime Media Network

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