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Recovering Our Industries!


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 10th, 2020 MEDIA CONTACT: Euan Davis 877.427.1177|

Barber/Stylist Covid-19 / Think Tank – Consumer Concerns Act

Boston, MASSACHUSETTS – As economic contributors and members of the small business community, we feel our specific needs are not relatively being met, talked about, considered or properly recognized. The State and Federal resources, information, contributions and relief are too broad and are tailored to employee-based businesses, leaving the majority of the self-employed barber/stylists & owners in the dark, with minimum or no relief. Here is a link below covering this very topic.

The Barber Time Media Network (TBMN) President Euan Davis, presents serious concerns and seeks immediate Specified Relief for All Barbers and Stylists throughout Massachusetts and all representing member states. Through his media network platform for Barbershops & Salons, Davis has watched how the “stay at home order” has devastated these industries and foresees prolonged challenges going forward.

The barbers and stylists of this state and this country were hit the hardest once the restrictions of social distancing were put in place due to COVID-19. As tax paying citizens and business owners, we learned the vulnerability of our professions and how our new normal creates challenges that’s leaving thousands of professionals wondering about their futures. We respectfully demand your focus & attention on our Appropriated Specific Relief Funding due to this Covid-19 crisis.

The enforced requirements upon our industry are causing an irreversible ripple affect! Now many people are or will have unpayable debt and may be losing their businesses, homes, transportation, place of employment, etc. This will force the industry to take on major additions and price adjustments, that will completely change the communities they serve to bare brunt of the cost increase.

~ A concerned Facebook comment:

I need an economics class of the rationale behind this. Please break this down. My concern is for those that could barely afford the regular cuts and styles for them and their families before. Now when jobs are lost, small business loans are given (I know everyone didn’t get it), unemployment isn’t granted, and mortgages are forbearance which will turn into a deferment when this is done; why would struggling people now have to pay more? By all means I plan on giving larger tips for a while but not everyone can afford the mandatory fees.”

~ Original thread available on resource page

We have lost 100% of our source of income and we need relief now. The real concern of these customer complaints will get louder!

We, the barbers & stylists, declare our intent as industry professionals, to hold ALL City, State and National agencies accountable to create, in conjunction with industry leaders; a comprehensive guideline to “reopening conditions”, that will not cripple our businesses, and access to appropriated economic stimulus funding, for the specific challenges our industries face.

More information and resources available, please visit

Follow-up Community Barber/Stylist – Town Hall, Wednesday May 20th, @7:30pm est

The BarberTime Media Network, Inc.,

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