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Worldwide Barber Media Network For You!

By December 16, 2015Barber industry

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Welcome to the Worldwide Barber Media Network made just for you!

Our mission is to get every barbershop to understand that they are a media resource for their community. Data comes in and barbers facilitate it. From putting on game shows to get crowd interactions, news to inform or music, sports and events to entertain, the barbershop provides media solutions for its community.

The momentum of the barbering industry in marketing and the digital media arena is undeniable.

Fanduel, Comcast, Nike, Apple and many others, repeatedly, use depictions of the barbershop lifestyle and its relationship to the consumer, to convey their message to the general public.

We believe that involving and empowering the local barber builds relationships that last a lifetime! Through an industry secret called “barberlove”, BarberTime was developed to connect and enhance the entrepreneurial abilities of the barber. Through dynamic events, numerous online social communities and the highly engaging environments of neighborhood barbershops, the BarberTime business model is proven and effective.

These pages will help you understand what BarberTime is all about and get you involved with an exploding culture that is taking over social media!

Click on a page link to find out more:

Media: Find our affiliate, YouTube and original programming

The Buzz: This is our news feed

Battles/Events: Help spread the word on battles and events across the globe

Shoppe: Barbers can send their best local and national deals

Barber Correspondents: Get paid to cover events BarberTime won’t get to


BarberTime’s credentials include:

  • Contracted for outreach and TV/radio media for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health for 5 years
  • Selected poster presentation on our first nomination to the 2008 American Public Health Association
  • Granted Special Guest Media by Fox Sports and the NFLPA at Super Bowl XLVI
  • Honored with the back cover of the 2013 Summer/Spring Harvard Law Bulletin

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