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What’s In A Celebrity Baby Name

By November 18, 2016November 23rd, 2016Celebrity

What’s In A Celebrity Baby Name

It’s no secret that more often than not the offspring of celebrities have very unique names. It’s not a new trend either, it’s been happening for a very long time now.

But why do they have such interesting names, like North (the son of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian), and Blue Ivey (Beyonce and Jay-Z’s child)? Is it really to just be unique and annoying? The answer is generally no.

While sometimes they may just be going for something that is outlandish and ridiculous, more often than not celebrities have very particular reasons for the names their children have. These can range from maiden names, to their (the celebrity parents) middle names, homages to ancestry and ethnicity, or simply something that reminds them of another loved one or details of the pregnancy and child’s birth. When Kanye and Kim named their newest arrival Saint, it was to hint at Kim’s rough pregnancy and how the child is their miracle.

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