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Trump-Hilary-Obama playing CHESS while followers play checkers!

By August 5, 2016August 17th, 2016Editorials, Gossip

Trump-Hilary-Obama playing CHESS while followers play checkers!

About 8 months ago I realized Donald Trump was playing us ALL for fools. Like really!

This isn’t about RED TEAM or BLUE TEAM junkies. Not at all, neither candidate is appealing! It’s about chess moves, seeing big moves and acting upon them. That said I realized a “BIG PLAY”, was in play now.

Trump has repeatedly, before running for office, said he makes more money when Democrats are in office and more than approved the jobs Hilary and Obama have done. He meant that clearly, when he said it. So why run for the CIC job and make less money?

Here’s the thought; Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton and President Obama sat down somewhere, at some time, maybe 3-4 years ago. Yes I know, “conspiracy”… But listen, one of the hardest things to do in politics is for one party to have a 3rd straight term. The other side always gains a louder voice and momentum. On top of that it’s a woman running! That is a bigger battle in itself! But as a son and husband you know how strong and capable a woman is. But crooked Hilary makes that edge dissipate against a strong opponent.

That’s it… Send in Donald and his ability to captivate people to divert away from her flaws and have Hilary walk on in…!

Think it’s ridiculous? No it isn’t… It’s the oldest and easiest to move to employ with the right circumstances. Weak, weak GOP candidates, a rather racist (opinion) rural American base not handling the fact of having to abide by a black President, an era yearning for political correctness to be disregarded, the social hold social media has over polls and the regurgitating attention mainstream media pays to controversial figures.

During that meeting this scenario was presented. “Trump, you run on GOP side and go up against Hilary, then tank!”

You laugh? This is chess, not checkers!

Big chess game reasons:  3rd term, Trump racks UP, racist side of America gets revealed on a grand stage, 1st women President and most importantly, America continues FORWARD! Not back to times preferred by a particular, and dying out sector. A chess move President Obama felt would get back at the continuous opposition he got from the core GOP clic and a move that would help highlight a serious issue of hate and racist control that needed to exposed.

You know Trump wouldn’t care if he did that to people! Not at all…


This basic principle was talked about and executed better than they planned. I personally don’t like being played a fool but I also find it extremely interesting and somewhat funny that so many people don’t mind..?

Hmmmmm? Check!

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