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The Shocking Truth About Online Reviews That Every Salon, Stylists And Barber Should Know

By January 20, 2016February 1st, 2016Barber industry, News

The Shocking Truth About Online Reviews That Every Salon, Stylists And Barber Should Know

Here’s a quick quiz…

Question 1: True or false: Yelp and other online reviews site will damage your business reputation so you should not setup an account on those directory and review site.

Question 2: True or false: If all things are equal would the business that have negative reviews automatically get less new clients then the business that has only positive reviews.

Question 3: True or false: Never ever respond to a negative review because it would make the business owner seem defensive.

If you answered false” to at least the first two questions, then I must say you are doing “Big Things” — you definitely know quite a bit about online reviews and how they really work in your favor.

However, if you got even one wrong, then there’s still more for you to learn and I am sorry if you got two wrong then you definitely want to keep reading, as you’re about to learn the real truth about online reviews and how to make them work in your favor.

Are you ready so lets talk about it …

One one of the greater benefits of online review site and as it is affectionally called citations … lol Is that these sites ranks very high on Google try doing a search for Hair Salons, Barbers or Hair Stylists and plug in your area of choice you would find them all over the first page and you know business on the first page get most of the traffic but no worries there are plenty other phrases to rank for.

Now that we figured out that being on these sites can possibly get you on the first page of Google especially if your directory or citation listings is properly setup we want to now tackle the benefits of the reviews.

In this day and time the “New Word Of Mouth” is basically reviews that is how people talk about you and your business so now that we figured out the Online Reviews is the “New Word Of Mouth” and if you are in the Beauty or Hair business Word Of Mouth And Referral marketing was always the primary way of marketing.


But the way its being done has changed, its been done via these online review site so if you are not on these sites then you are more than likely losing more money and clients that you are if you was on these sites.

In talking about reviews one is asked the questions how would negative reviews effect you, well I will get straight to the point in my opinion negative reviews are GOOD.

BUT WAIT … Don’t leave let me explain.

I know you are probably saying “This Dude Is Crazy, How in the world is a negative review Good” it shows a trust factor remember these are online reviews and we both know that some shady business owners will do anything to get clients … albeit doing this is ILLEGAL.

Having a negative review only make people believe the majority of your positive reviews are trustworthy.

Here is an excerpt taken from Forbes

In fact, the study found that polite but negative reviews could improve the way a customer views your products and services.

1. Don’t live in fear of negative reviews. Be willing to allow customers to leave reviews on your website and on your social media accounts. Don’t delete reviews because they’re negative. Instead, keep in mind that a few negative reviews can make your business look better in the long run.

Read the whole story here

If you made it this far you now understand how important having your information on a review site or directory site.

Okay now if I still have your attention and you agree that negative reviews may be good for your business how do you handle negative reviews.

I am asked this question all the time when I tell clients of mines that they need to be on these review site some give me that ugly screw face look.

There’s two school of thoughts one is don’t respond to negative reviews but mines is that you should definitely respond but never in a defensive way nor when you are emotional about the review please wait.

Taken from AmericanExpress Blog

1. Respond Appropriately

Reading a negative comment about your business, your employees, or your products or services can make you want to justify yourself and claim that the commenter is just plain wrong, misinformed or simply off-the-mark. While these are natural reactions, they won’t help your brand or your social media presence.

In closing Online Reviews is the new “Word Of Mouth” if you are planning on building your business it is definitely something you would definitely want to put in your marketing practice.

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