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Social Spotlight Feb 1st 2016 – James Williams

By January 31, 2016February 2nd, 2016Barber industry, Editorials, Video

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Social Spotlight Feb 1st 2016 – James Williams

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James Williams, known as Jim the trim, is a 26 year old Welsh barber that started at the age of 17 as a hairdresser then converted to a barber a year later because he found it more interesting. He opened his business with his father, who runs the business side of it as James stays in the background and cuts hair. They are now expanding as a business , as last year they won best barbers in a Wales 2015 ceremony.

James is always looking to improve his barbering skills whether it’s fading or styling. He is always willing to learn from others, especially the ones he looked up to.

James is an ambassador for Hairbond, a multi award winning product in the UK that is growing fast.

After their post went viral and showed on on news reports everywhere, Jim the trim and Mason’s barbershop took a stand to help more familys who are on the autistic spectrum. Now opens every Sunday, they offer 1 hour appointments to help give an extra attention to this issue. They now have a team called the ABA which stands for “Autism Barbers Assemble”, is a group of selected barbers that have experience in autism. The group also has some of the best barbers in the UK raising awareness for autism. The money is used to find places that need the support in areas like Wales, Scotland, Ireland & England.

James has his first event August 28th in Painsly Scotland where over next the year he’ll be looking to set up in each country to help familys. He plans to have the barbershops, magazines and press to cover each event.


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