BarberTime Recruitment Center

Thank you for joining the BarberTime Family as a “Recruitment Center” participant.

As a Recruitment Center, you will help Barbers & Stylists upgrade the way they earn income and affect their communities.

Your job as a recruiter is to inform and sign up Barbers & Stylists for any of our campaigns or memberships.


Your business will receive the following benefits for signing up as a recruiter:

  • Select choice of campaigns
  • Business logo w/link to company website, on the campaign(s) you select to participate in
  • A social media post for each Barber/Stylist your business signs up
  • Business logo w/link to company website, on the GrapeVine promotion page

Your participation responsibilities:

  • Prominently place your selected campaign(s) sign & flyers in your storefront
  • Provide a brief summary and direct any interested persons to the QR code on the campaign(s) materials
  • Direct all interested persons to mention your Recruitment Center referral during sign-up

Campaign Selections


  1. Early Childhood Mental Health Champions
  2. Transformational Center Ambassadors (COMING SOON)
  3. 1st Annual Cut, Strut & Putt Golf Tournament – “Barber Polls” Hole Sponsors
  4. BarberTime Membership Drive

Use the form below to SELECT and SIGN-UP to be a Recruitment Center, for The BarberTime Media Network!