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Because Barbers & Stylists have gone on far to long without the tools, to better harness their environments and gain a residual future!

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We’ve created a platform for grooming professionals to create residual income and special benefits, doing the things they’ve done all their career!


Marketing, Sales and Administrative tools for the entrepreneurial Barber & Stylist:


  • FAN CLUBS: to engage your community and rise in the ranks

  • SHOP SPECIALS: sell billboard ad space or promote your brand

  • GRAPEVINE: be found in marketplace for your Shop Specials

  • BUSINESS DIRECTORY: keep all your resources in one place

  • SHOP TALK NOTES: keep records of key shop moments

  • AMBASSADORSHIP: be hired by local and corporate business

  • FREE MEDIA: watch and listen to your favorite content while you work

  • FREE PARTNER CONSULTATIONS: gain insight with a talk to our Partners


That’s why we #barbertimeallthetime

Learn more about the platform here: BarberTime TV

Be the first to take advantage of our new platform - "It's BarberTime" sign up here!


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