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Popular Nobody: Kendick Lamar’s Barber and team with WooCutz TV Angelo Padin

By March 11, 2016September 12th, 2016Barber industry, Network Partners, Video
popular nobody

Popular Nobody: Kendick Lamar’s Barber and team with WooCutz TV Angelo Padin

The WooCutz TV team is on the road again bringing our industry another look inside the major events in barbering.
Another A+ for the quality and information produced from their content!
popular nobody
Popular Nobody
Published on Mar 9, 2016

Watch @Ambitious_Angelo interview Justin Thomas from HanzoShears , DNIckThaBarber the amazing Artist, John Mosley Kendrick Lamar’s Personal Barber at the 2016 International Beauty Show in New York City March 6,2016

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Our mission is to get every barbershop to understand that they are a media resource for their community. Data comes in, and barbers facilitate it. We wish to get them to share their traffic through our platform to create a better branding experience for our ad partners, better deals for their consumers and create residual income and special benefits for the barber/stylist.

  • Chair – Point of contact and where trust is built. A portal into the life of it’s community
  • Consumer Base – Versatile and reoccurring, a chance to reach any demographic
  • Big & Small Business – Target barbershops to cut their cost of customer acquisition (COCAQ), create awareness and create localized economy’s
  • Informational Traffic – Opinions, referrals and ideas get passed around and can be obtained for many purposes
  • Media – Consumer traffic and their perspective will be represented via media entertainment

This is a natural process that millions of barbers & stylists around the world work in daily.

BarberTime is that conduit!

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