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Peyton Manning Given All He Needed To Succeed By The NFL!

By March 7, 2016Sport

Peyton Manning Given All He Needed To Succeed By The NFL!

Peyton Manning Given All He Needed To Succeed By NFL

Peyton gets out right in time. He knew the NFL couldn’t keep him protected by the shield any longer. With an impending HGH investigation, the re-emergence of his college mishaps and a rapidly deceasing throwing are, Peyton Manning decides to get out before the water starts to boil.

Barbershop talk tells the story that Peyton Manning, is without a doubt, one of the NFL’s greatest QB’s. Top 10, Top 5 or Top 3, you place him wherever your heart leads you. But do not be fooled and there is no doubt here either, Peyton Manning has been silver spoon fed since being drafted in 1998.

I guess you can say the NFL has protected Manning¬†even before he took the stage as the #1 overall pick by disregarding Jamie Naughtright’s filing of sexual assault again the QB.

Fast forward to 2002, 4 years after seeing Peyton get beat up by the AFC East, the NFL decides to rearrange the entire league structure. Not saying it was all done for Manning, but look where he ends up! The AFC South??? Where is Indy? If that wasn’t enough he was placed with 3 expansion team, Jacksonville, Texans and a relocated Titans franchise. If it wasn’t the the late Steve McNair, it would’ve been a decade sweep.

Funny thing happens though! Although Manning is whisked away to the safety of the AFC South, the AFC East found him and continued their dominance over him. The Dolphins regularly went to Indy and beat him. The Jets would do the same and even end Manning’s season twice in the playoffs. While the Patriots all but took his heart from him repeatedly.

Then comes the next phase of operation “Protect Peyton”. After the Patriots cornerback Ty Law picks Peyton off 3x in the ¬†2004 AFC title game, the league changed ever defensive advantage and tailored the rules to his needs. It’s all on record!

In 2006 Peyton went even further into dads pocket (the NFL) and asked that QB’s be able to prepare the balls to their liking. Only this time he got his Nemesis, Tom Brady on board. Strange though, it’s Tom who goes down as the face of the rule change, the NFL scapegoat.

Which leads us to present day NFL. Before honoring the Broncos Annabel Bowlen with the Super Bowl 50 trophy, Roger Goodell couldn’t help but plead with Peyton to keep playing.

That would be nice but the writing is on the wall. Elway wants to part ways considering Brock could’ve won that game with the defense playing like that. And the looming $20M staring in Johns face. Then there’s the two allegations waiting to pick apart his offseason.

All that and his declining arm, Manning calls it quits and walks off a winner. Question is, would he have been without the cover of the shield. Yes he had great games and lit up the league, albeit with the help we have presented, but he has also been know to play hot potato with the football in the biggest games. All we know is he won two rings where the defense was the reason and he did enough not to loose them.

Good luck on your new era of life Peyton and thanks for the new phrase, “Manning Privilege”!

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