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Peyton Manning benefits from MillerTime

By February 7, 2016Sport, Video
Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning benefits from MillerTime

The media and fans made it all about Peyton Manning riding off into the sunset. (see his on field interview after the win)

We thought Carolina would press him into a bad decisions and give the game away.

The thing is he did both but he didn’t lose the game?

Because it was MillerTime! Von Miller had one of the greatest playoff runs ever. His pressure set the tone and exposed the lack of receiving talent around Newton.

Peyton didn’t play entirely bad but there was always a feel he was about to throw that pick six! Coming close on at least 3 occasions.

None the less, Manning is now a 2 time Super Bowl Champion! He is the only QB with 200 total career wins. And now it’s time to take that ride…

Just make sure, if Von Miller comes calling, for anything at all, Peyton better be there asap!

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