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NFL – MVP – Chase

By December 20, 2015Sport

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NFL – MVP – Chase
Written by: BarberTime staff
Sunday, December 20th 2015, 3:56pm est
3.) Carson Palmer seems to be the most quite of the 3 front runners but he is definitely worthy of consideration. Palmer has the Arizona Cardinals in the #2 position in the NFC and has been consistent as long as he has been healthy. His 11-2 W-L, 4003 passing yards and 31 TD’s forces the argument.
2.) Tom Brady is leading the defending Super Bowl Champions to the top seed in the AFC. Brady’s improved mobility at age 38 has made the most dangerous competitor in the NFL even more deadly. Brady’s biggest argument for #1 is the fact 17 teammates¬†have been put on the IR list. His 12-2 W-L, 4138 yards passing and 33 TD’s actually lead the pack!
1.) Cam Newton has¬†captained the undefeated Carolina Panthers to another win, over the New York Giants and confirms his position as the leader of the NFL MVP Chase. His 14-0 W-L, 3062 passing yards and 28 TD’s stacks up with all the front runners. But it’s his command of his team, his improved downfield passing attach and his “stop me” if you don’t want me dancing in your endzone attitude that puts him at the top of TBMN’s NFL MVP Chase

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