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Metro Barbers Give Back Through Free Haircuts

By December 23, 2015Barber industry, Video

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Metro Barbers Give Back Through Free Haircuts

By: Matt Smith

A metro barbershop owner is proving that giving back during the holidays doesn’t always involve money. Sunday’s “You Look Good, You Feel Good” event began with a kind gesture that barbershop owner Beauchamp Alejandro said inspired him.

Alejandro said he was loading a truck one day when a stranger helped him out. The only thing the man asked for in return was for a ride home.

“According to him, home was the Open Door Mission. So, as we’re pulling into the Open Door Mission I see a girl walking in with her two daughters. You know what I mean? That made me realize there’s something I can do. I’m not rich, but I’ve got talent to do a little something,” said Alejandro.

In a matter of months Alejandro cut dozens of people’s hair, many homeless, all for free. On Sunday, nearly 20 other barbers joined in for the “You Look Good, You Feel Good” event.

Chris Ivory is one of the barbers that cut hair, free of charge, at the Victory Boxing Club.

“Aw man… it feels amazing. He’s gonna have a nice haircut, it feels good to make people smile and give back,” Ivory told WOWT 6 News.

David Withers brought his family to the event. Withers said it’s been a hard year for his wife and his two kids.

“It means a lot… brings us together, we’ve been going through some financially difficult times…” said Withers.

As Withers sat side-by-side with his son for their haircuts he said he could forget about money. Sunday was about making happy memories with his family.

At least 50 people got their hair cut while WOWT 6 News was there. No official totals have been released, but Alejandro told WOWT 6 News no matter what the total was Sunday, he wants to keep doing stuff like this “bigger” and “better” moving forward.

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