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Marine Corps Authorize Lock and Twist Hairstyles

By December 15, 2015Styles

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Marine Corps Authorize Lock and Twist Hairstyles

Woman in Marines with Braids

Female marines have additional hair styling options as new regulations authorize women to wear lock and twist hairstyles.

According to Marine Corps Uniform Board 215, twists may only be worn with medium or long hair, and can extend no more than 2 inches from the scalp. For those wearing locs, they can be worn with short, medium or long hair, and partings must be square or rectangular to achieve a neat and professional military appearance.

Additionally, (with the exception of bangs) locs, braids, and twist hairstyles must encompass the whole head and you can’t have a combination of the three. Furthermore, foreign material cannot be incorporated into or attached onto the hair.

The new changes were recommended by of Staff Sgt. Cherie Wright, who explained: “for some, this change is culturally liberating, has financial benefits, and is simply convenient.”

Over the past several years hair regulations within the armed forces have been a hot topic. Last year, the Army introduced a policy that included natural hairstyles like two-strand twists and increased sizing requirements for braids, cornrows and twists to be more accommodating to various hair textures.

Officials also say, the Marine Corps is looking to further clarify the new rules with a website that will graphically illustrate authorized and unauthorized male and female hairstyles.

Are you feeling the new authorization? Is it a step in the right direction?

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