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Love and Barbers

By January 29, 2016January 30th, 2016Barber industry, Editorials

Love & Barbers:

(The I Corinthians 13 Edition)

Barbers say, “Barber Love” all the time, but still fail to give each other the time of day. Many times, the short fuse of anger leads them to being mean all the way to hating one another. Egos get in the way as barbers go on and on bragging about themselves, disrespecting one another and stabbing each other in the back just to get ahead. All the while, they cast blame on the others for being in the way of success.
How long are we going to SAY “Barber Love” simply to esteem ourselves because it ‘sounds good’, while we know that we avoid substantiating the Truth of Barber Love with our daily actions!!??!!
The world will know we are a brotherhood united under the craft when they see us continue to respect and honor each other. They will see Barber Love when we are patient and kind to one another and we extend that same quality of relationship to our clients.
Barber Love is in full effect when we can build each other up, contribute to one another’s successes and celebrate those achievements without competing for the spotlight. The people of the world will know, that Barber Love is real when our actions consistently line up with the words that our mouths speak. When Barber Love is in full effect, we will be the manifestation of the change God wants to see in the earth; a powerful people, influencing ¬†those they come in contact with toward what’s good, right and true.
BARBERS, protect one another, ALWAYS!
BARBERS, trust one another, and be trust worthy, ALWAYS.
BARBERS, share in the vision and hope together, ALWAYS.
BARBERS, stay on this course, with integrity, and be an encouragement to yourselves; to others and the world around us.
Christopher Burke is the Commissioner of The Barber Society, an online network of barbers and author of two books, ‘What’s He Gonna Say Next?: The Ultimate Guide to Modern Day Barbering’ and ‘A Leadership System for Barbers: How to Mobilize a Movement of Barbers in Your City’. Both are available on the Official Barber Society Online Store,¬†

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