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Globetrotters to Warriors: We ain’t impressed … but we are worried

By December 9, 2015Sport

World’s most famous basketball club claims its winning streak is near 3,600 . but admit their nerves in follow-up tweet.

With each win, it seems the Golden State Warriors impress more and more people with their season-opening winning streak. On Tuesday night, the champs took down the Pacers in Indiana to run their record to 23-0 — 27 straight wins dating back to the end of last regular season.

Forgive the Harlem Globetrotters if they’re not among those wowed by the accomplishment. You see, they have a bit of a streak to their own credit, and after Wednesday night’s game they let the Warriors know about it:



The winning streak to which the legendary club refers is tough to tell … records of Globetrotters winning streaks are pretty sketchy and the team’s actual beginning remains in dispute. But nonetheless, the guys famous for repeatedly beating up on the Washington Generals — for decades — must have thought twice, because they followed up with this tweet:

To the Warriors’ credit, they took the ’Trotters words to heart:

Since the NBA does keep official records, we know that if the Warriors do want to reach 3,589 straight wins, they will have to run the table this regular season … and the next 43-plus regular seasons after that.

#squadgoals, indeed.

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