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Get Your Head Out Your @$$ and Promote Your Services!

By January 4, 2016June 16th, 2016Barber industry, Editorials

Get Your Head Out Your @$$ and Promote Your Services!

You sit in the chair and wait for money to come to you. Word of mouth is good but not enough. Just standing outside your shop and passing out your business cards will make a big difference.

Wait, do you have business cards??? Don’t forget your online marketing. Blogs are the best way to be found online, not Facebook, Twitter or instagram. Have a website and operate like a business.

Your business community treats you like you’re business is important, by asking you to promote their services, but do you promote yours? Have you had a customer say “you should charge for your good advice”? That’s because you’re extremely resourceful just for being in the position you’re in, a barbershop!

Imagine if you not only promoted your awesome new hairstyles, but also your thoughts on the things that matter in your community. Better yet, what if you shared your relationship you have with your neighboring businesses. You could increase your income dramatically by drawing more people to your chair via your willingness to talk to pedestrians near your shop. You can also widen that range with an online presence.

People will drive from out of state for a good barber so why settle for a one mile radius? A simple three step marketing plan, to drive in your client type (decide on your wanted client type), and exercising your other entrepreneurial skills will turn your “hustle” into a profession! And turn your girlfriend and apartment into a wife and home!


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