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The Ever Changing Beauty World

By November 10, 2016November 13th, 2016Barber industry, Business

The Ever Changing Beauty World

Beauty is a world of its own. It’s a major business and industry, social and cultural influence, and culture in its own right. And, it’s ever changing.

The beauty industry has been driven by celebrities in the past, and still is today, but more and more today it is driven by social media, another huge influence on society in its own right.

We all want to look and smell our best, whatever that might be. More and more, because of social media, we are influenced by our peers, and compete with them. Photos of our friends on Facebook and Instagram drive us to not only look like our friends, but look better than our friends. From haircuts and styles, to makeup, tanned complexion and clothes, we are all driven by society to look a certain way, and it makes us feel a certain way. Because of this, the beauty industry will always remain a growing and thriving industry, influencing people the world over to look and smell their best.

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