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Essentially missed! – Barbers

Barber testimonial for our ppl…!

This moment we’re in has ppl everywhere feeling the lose of not having their service providers.

Specifically speaking their barber and stylist.

Few know this but I’ll tell you something I first realized years ago, and have had numerous proofs of purpose. We (GOOD) barbers and stylists are cut of a cloth granted by God! Mind you I’m not saying this to push any purpose, just relaying the truth of something I’ve witnessed over and again. Coming from someone (me) that didn’t want to be a barber, didn’t want to open a shop, and wants nothing to do with being a personality for any media medium!!! #truestory (but I do what I’m suppose to… 😁)

But that #microsoftstorestour we did 2 years ago taught me what I needed to know about our industries, people and what their purpose is. It’s to serve the ppl of the community from which they choose. Not all will make it but the ones who do become those ppl you can’t wait to see for your services. The service has to be right but it’s the souls of the ppl that mend, especially during times of need.

During the #microsoftstorestour our goal was to find out what they wanted and needed. Making residual income wasn’t at the top of the list like were were looking for. It was the second thing on our list! These PROFESSIONALS wanted organized resources to better help their clients.

That deep rooted feeling I had was that of all the professions you can have that services the community, barbers and stylists ARE and will REMAIN to be the gatekeepers to their communities!

These professions demand and groom that of us! You will feel the absence, it’s not just your vanity speaking.

My blessed purpose is to bring these truths to manifest via media. But the engine, like any great company will be its people.

#barbertimeallthetime is built on the best of them!

So when our posts include #barbersdobigthings or #blessedandhighlyfavored know it’s coming from the top 😇🙌🙏💈

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