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Bulletin Feb 2016

By February 3, 2016February 8th, 2016Barber industry, Editorials, Video

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  • Super Bowl 50 Recap
  • Love and Barbers
  • BBU Awards Winner – Reggie Antonio
  • Where’s Angelo?
  • Barber Spotlight – James Williams
  • 6 reason to attend Bronner Brothers in Feb
  • and more…


Super Bowl 50 Recap

Peyton Manning benefits from MillerTime

The media and fans made it all about Peyton Manning riding off into the sunset. (see his on field interview after the win)

We thought Carolina would press him into a bad decisions and give the game away.

The thing is he did both but he didn’t lose the game?

Because it was MillerTime! Von Miller had one of the greatest playoff runs ever. His pressure set the tone and exposed the lack of receiving talent around Newton.

Peyton didn’t play entirely bad but there was always a feel he was about to throw that pick six! Coming close on at least 3 occasions.

None the less, Manning is now a 2 time Super Bowl Champion! He is the only QB with 200 total career wins. And now it’s time to take that ride…

Just make sure, if Von Miller comes calling, for anything at all, Peyton better be there asap!


Love & Barbers:

(The I Corinthians 13 Edition)

Barbers say, “Barber Love” all the time, but still fail to give each other the time of day. Many times, the short fuse of anger leads them to being mean all the way to hating one another. Egos get in the way as barbers go on and on bragging about themselves, disrespecting one another and stabbing each other in the back just to get ahead. All the while, they cast blame on the others for being in the way of success.
How long are we going to SAY “Barber Love” simply to esteem ourselves because it ‘sounds good’, while we know that we avoid substantiating the Truth of Barber Love with our daily actions!!??!!
The world will know we are a brotherhood united under the craft when they see us continue to respect and honor each other. They will see Barber Love when we are patient and kind to one another and we extend that same quality of relationship to our clients.
Barber Love is in full effect when we can build each other up, contribute to one another’s successes and celebrate those achievements without competing for the spotlight. The people of the world will know, that Barber Love is real when…


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BBU Award Winner:

The Bar Ber Shop Raleigh
Motto: Be Recognized, Be Respected
This pretty much sums up the humbling experience, that took place on Sunday evening @ The BBU Awards show hosted by; Tim Johnson productions.
Master Barber/Owner Reggie Antonio won North Carolina Barber Shop of The Year Award for Being Respected by the community for The Bar Ber Shop’s service of excellence and Being Recognized among peers for their unique and exquisite style.


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barbercon 2016

Where’s Angelo?

BarberTime correspondent “Ambitious” Angelo Padin heads West for the International Salon & Spa Expo in California.

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Social Media Spotlight

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Social Spotlight Feb 1st 2016 – James Williams

View James Williams Facebook page

James Williams, known as Jim the trim, is a 26 year old Welsh barber that started at the age of 17 as a hairdresser then converted to a barber a year later because he found it more interesting. He opened his business with his father, who runs the business side of it as James stays in the background and cuts hair. They are now expanding as a business , as last year they won best barbers in a Wales 2015 ceremony.

James is always looking to improve his barbering skills whether it’s fading or styling.

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Social Media Helps Master Barber Grow Business

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Master barber Akeem Akway is driven, talented and a standout in his field, and now his work is garnering both attention and accolades.

He was born in Ethiopia. When he moved to the states 15 years ago, he knew his name would be on a building someday. That dream is now a reality thanks, in part, to friends, fans and followers.

In six years, the 24-year-old has graduated from high school, mastered barber school and has become a business owner.

His skills cut out the competition. Akway said he has more than 400 clients’ numbers listed in his cell phone. His razor sharp talent has even caught the attention of several Minnesota Vikings players.

“My friend was saying you’re actually the celebrity,” Akway said. “They are calling you. It’s cool. I’m cutting professional athletes. It’s working.”

What’s working for Akway is social media.

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Bronner Brothers is coming…

Check out this barbers 6 best reasons to attend!

Dr. Boogs the Barber MD MD, The Private Office Barbershop, Boston MA

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