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BTM Buzz with Mr. Peter Parker

By October 28, 2015Editorials, Music

BarberTime the Magazine (BTM) sits down with Mr. Peter Parker (PP)


BTM: Who were your influences BEFORE becoming a disk jockey?

PP: I always looked up to Ed Lover & Dr. Dre from Yo! MTV Raps when I was a kid. I connected with Ed on a personality tip, but the silver and black flight cases that held Dre’s turntables were so cool to me.. I looked up to Funkmaster Flex, Kid Carpi, Ron G, Doo Wop and most of the big Mixtape DJs from the 90’s. The Fresh Prince of Bell air was another major influence as a kid, I swore I was the white Will Smith. I still love Jordan 5’s today because of the 1st season..


BTM: Do you think hip hop is on the decline?

PP: Not at all, we have rappers like Jay-Z that have huge success to the point of being American icons and because of the Internet, a TON of new, independent up and comers that have the creative freedom to be anything. There is so much great new hip-hop out there, u just have to “dig” in new places..


BTM:  Who did you vote for?

PP: I voted for Barak Obama.


BTM: Do you see yourself doing something else rather than hosting?

PP: Sure, I’d love to act. TV, movies, all that… I’m also very involved with the branding and marketing side of the music and street wear game. I could see myself running a marketing company. I’d love to produce music as well… I do now, just on a smaller level.


BTM:  How long have you been hosting radio shows?

PP: Including my college radio experience at Curry College? About 13-14 years.


BTM: How did you obtain the name Peter Parker?

PP: I was a Spider-Man fanatic as a kid, real talk. My real name is Peter so it was very cool to me that he had the same 1st name. I really connected with the character.. My 1st DJ name was DJ Maz (short for Mazalewski, my last name) I changed it when I was about 18.. I added the “Mr.” to it in 2001 out of respect for the retired DJ Peter Parker from Queens.


BTM: What’s your thought on the Boston bombing?

PP: Horrifying! It was hard to be away from home and watch that go down. It is a sad day in Boston’s history. My prayers go out to the victims and their families.

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