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Behind the Clippers of an NBA Barber

By February 23, 2016June 27th, 2016Barber industry, Celebrity, TBMN Reality, Video
NBA Barber

Behind the Clippers of an NBA Barber by Fades & Fadeaways

Fades & Fadeaways look into the emergence of JayR the Barber, of the Legends on Fairfax, was excellently done!

JayR started from humble beginnings and is now living a dream cutting some of the NBA’s best and brightest.

Publishers note:

Having started out cutting hair for his friends in a garage, JayR, the Legends on Fairfax barber now has a client list that includes Clippers center and head coach DeAndre Jordan and Doc Rivers, as well as the most exciting player in the league and reigning champion, Stephen Curry. We recently linked up with JayR to hear about his journey, his approach, and the key to being a great barber.

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