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Barber Shop Now Pays Kids To Read

By November 29, 2016Barber industry

Barbershop Now Pays Kids To Read

Barbershops are often a staple of their community. They offer more than just a place to get your haircut and maybe a shave. They offer a chance to interact with other members of the community and friends, sharing conversation and laughter. But more and more now they are becoming a place for people to grow and develop, especially kids.

We have seen in the past many barbershops offering incentives to kids for reading or doing better in school, usually a free or at least discounted haircut. Now, Look At Me Now, a barber shop in Waco, TX, is actually offering kids money for reading aloud to their barber while getting a haircut.

The program was started by Mary Evans, a local author and teacher, and Ivan LeBlanc, owner of Look At Me Now. It’s a way to for them to further promote literacy among the children, and the money incentive helps to push that as well.

The idea has taken off, with members of the community donating books and money to the shop to help the program thrive. It’s just another way a simple barber shop has a big impact on the community it’s in.



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