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Do Celebrities Really Rock the Vote?

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With the 2016 Presidential election just around the corner, one of the most publicized elections in the history of the U.S., many people have made firm stands on who their candidate is, and celebrities are no different.
It’s no secret that celebrities and members of the entertainment field hold a great amount of influence in this country and across the globe, and often times can start a trend or motivate people to get into a cause just by saying they (the celebrity) endorse it. But how does that work for government? Does a celebrity endorsement really change peoples perception of a candidate and make them lean one way or the other?
In 2008, Oprah gave a verbal endorsement of Barack Obama as President, and according to a Northwestern University and University of Maryland study found that more than 1 million votes went President Obama’s way just because of Oprah’s endorsement.
But that’s the power of Oprah. Do other celebs hold the same power? Most political analysts think not. In a recent article from Fox News, Larry Sabato, the director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, said that there is not such an impact from a single celebrity, or group of celebrities, during this election. Furthermore, many analysts believe that a celebrity endorsement of a candidate might actual harm their public favor and decrease their fan base. Still, it is funny to see the amount of celebrities stating their moving to Canada if Trump wins. Nonetheless, it has been a very public race, and it will be interesting to see what the outcome is come Tuesday night.