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BarberTime Member,

It’s official! Your network is ready to compete with the TV & radio giants in the Boston area. And YOUR BUSINESS will be front and center.

The network was built around YOU, individually, and now we’re on from proving your voices matter, to deploying your value and paying you for it!

The Department of Mental Health (DMH) believes in our method and wants to leverage your individual networks to help spread helpful information on mental health matters. BarberTime will use this campaign to secure similar projects, collect meaningful data and maintain the value of your Network.

Your participation is very important and in exchange BarberTime will invest significant funds and resources to ensure your technology is up to date, your business location is vigorously promoted, and we begin the process of earning you residual income for your unique relationships and environment.

In May, we encourage you to promote your Network on social media and to your community. BarberTime has begun that process for you by passing your information on to your neighboring businesses and on social media.

See the attached list of participating businesses that have prepared special offers for BarberTime Members and their patrons.

God bless and #barbertimeallthetime

Below are the participating Businesses for the Hustle Board and their special deals for BarberTime Members:

Note: ALL members can submit “Help Wanted” solicitations for the Hustle Board announcements

L.I.F.E. Health & Fitness:

  • Host members receive a 1-month pass
  • 12 (1 week) passes for each host members clients

Studio 24 Graphics:

  • $15 off any service over $60 to all BarberTime host members and clients of host members

Professional Solutions:

  • FREE Notary to all host members

DJ Cory presents:

  • $5 off door every 3rd Saturday @ Maggie in Quincy

BarberTime Services:

  • ALL host members receive 25% off all BarberTime services

More benefits added monthly!

To claim your discounts, you may call the affiliate business directly or call us at 877.427.1177 and we’ll take care of you!

Important information


Weekly Polls:

  • Members answers 1 question per week
  • Members share question with 1 additional barber or patron to answer each week
  • Questions are based on providing better benefits for our members and serve as meaningful data for BarberTime to pursue future campaigns and funding
  • Answering Polls is mandatory for paid campaigns.

Social Media and Network Posting Schedule:

  • Member posts are on Tues & Thurs of each week
  • Posts are made to our social media sites and your Styles Portfolio or Shop Specials
  • Members may submit a photo for post or tag @barbertimebuzz on Instagram

Show Participation:

  • To be on a Network program call 877-427-1177 or email

Photoshoot & Media Days:

  • Schedule your free Network Photoshoot and Media Day
  • Photo to be used on your network and for personal use
  • Media video will be used for your 30 commercial ad and the BarberTime company video

BarberTime Hosted Events:

  • Each month BarberTime HQ will host several events and broadcasts that all members are welcome to
  • Mixers, Photoshoots, Runway shoots, LIVE broadcasts,

Giveaways and Promotions:

  • BarberTime will have giveaways to events and shows across the country (ask about tickets to this years Connecticut Barber Expo in May 2019)
  • BarberTime will partner with event promoters and DJ’s to grant BarberTime Members access to clubs and events in your city.

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Members media programming involvement initiative:

LIVE broadcasting has begun and after our promotional trip to ATLANTA for Super Bowl LIII our crews from Hip Hop & Barbershops, What’s Smoking and Effort & Vibes are waiting to hear from you!

All BarberTime Members can be guests on any of our programs via in studio visit or streaming.


Program summaries can be found here

God bless and #barbertimeallthetime

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