Media Members are BarberTime media correspondents.

BarberTime is all about proving that Barbers & Stylists are the best entrepreneurs & resourceful entities in EVERY CITY!

Your opinion and knowledge is always requested but never really ever measured nor rewarded. Blogging is one of the best ways to be found in web searches. All the posts you make to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are only searchable via their sites.

As a BarberTime Media Member Correspondent you post, share, get found, get promoted and earn perks!

To be a correspondent:

  • Click here and type “Make me a correspondent” in the “Got a question” line

BarberTime reviews “Buzz” posts daily and shares the top posts on our fan pages and throughout our network! The very best will earn entry to some of the biggest events and happenings across the country and serve as our on location Media Personalities (duties required).

Correspondents details:

  • Must have at least 2 social media sites
  • Must agree to BarberTime correspondent guidelines and policies
  • Policies & Guidelines:
    • Guidelines
      • Correspondent must sign up for a FREE – Apprentice BarberTime network site @
      • Correspondent must be able to create a weekly BarberTime BUZZ video (a report on your areas social and worldly affairs) and mention the hashtags, and
      • Correspondent must upload video to YouTube and use the BarberTime TAG’s on each post and send link to or a direct social media message
      • BarberTime will create a BLOG post on your network site, of your video content.
      • Share your created blog, along with your original video social media posts
      • Correspondent must use the BarberTime TAG’s on each post, per social media platform
      • Correspondent must have the BarberTime logo with the caption “BarberTime Correspondent” on their website or MAIN social media account
      • Content must be delivered in a timely fashion each week. Content must be posted by 6pm Friday evening, each week
      • Correspondents YouTube uploads will become content that airs on our LIVE and ON DEMAND channels. If Correspondent does a video versions the Correspondent must use the YouTube link within their weekly post
    • Policy
      • All correspondents must create clean content for all BarberTime related content. Any inappropriate content will be removed and the correspondent status may be terminated.
      • Correspondents are liable for their content and exclude BarberTime of any wrong doing or damages occurring from their posts.
      • All new correspondents will receive an introduction blog/email/social posts of their BarberTime profile website and their correspondent status with the company.
      • Video versions of posts may be used as company promotional posts on social media and BarberTime channels
      • BarberTime will own all rights to access and/or duplicate ALL correspondent materials, related to BarberTime
      • BarberTime re-posts the URL to all correspondent posts on the BarberTime Media Network Facebook and Twitter accounts
      • All correspondents are listed on our Media Members list

ALL correspondents must agree to BarberTime correspondent guidelines and policies