The Barbering industry definitely isn’t a hustle… It’s a Profession!

But it seems everyone else has a lil hustle in them and they all bring it to the barbershops.

The Hustle Board was created to harness and monetize the shops branding environments for our members and sponsors.

What is the Hustle Board?

With the way shops are utilized by neighboring businesses for promotional value, BarberTime developed our platform & the Hustle Board to help provide better visibility, distribution of information and to rid your shop of the mess from flyers, leaflets, posters and all the other solicitations left by your community.


  • The Hustle Board is BarberTime’s unique promotional platform that will be used across all of our media formats. It is the promotional platform designed to increase branding capabilities for large and small businesses alike! It is featured on BarberTime’s TV & Radio shows – Hustle Board web page – BarberTime the Magazine & the newsletters – Social Sites – Email Campaigns.

Our immersive platform provides your business with the technology and the audience that helps you harness ALL of the resourcefulness of barbershops like never before!

Consistent visibility, word of mouth and shareable content keeps your brand interactive and in the front row of some great atmospheres.