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Give Chip a chance!

By January 14, 2016Sport

In shops across the country people are saying chip killed the Eagles by letting go all the players he did.

Well take a look at who he let go and why his moves may not be understood they did make sense!

Michael Vick – To the Jets. Had a starting chance and sucked. But everyone (except dog lovers) loved Vick. But he didn’t pan out!

Deshaun Jackson – To the Redskins. Never played even 2/3 of a season. Great potential but bad attitude and fragile!!!!!!!

Shady McCoy – The the Bills. Played half the season! Nice moves but fragile!

A lot of talk about race and he didn’t relate. But that’s the oldest excuse for bad seeds with big potential. He gave the big buck to Murray and Mathews, it just didn’t pan out.

If things go sour in San Fran then Chip needs to get back to college. But for now give chip a chance!

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