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Boston Barbers Missing Out

By Euan Davis, BarberTime Founder/CEO

Dear Boston Barbers,

Ya’ll Suck! Yeah i said it! Ya’ll Suck!!!

Wait, did I say that out loud? Damn it… What I meant to say was… Ya’ll SUCK!!!

Boston may be King of sports these days but the competitive barber game is like Wrestlemania when Brock snapped the¬†Undertakers streak, “crickets”!

I look online in some of these groups and 2 maybe 3 Boston Barbers out there representing the talent. I go to hair shows in other cities and nothing. I go to battles in and around Boston and nothin! Worcester, Springfield and neighboring RI & CT get it in hard but Boston, NUTTIN!!!

I know a lot of the Barbers there personally and I’m sick of seeing the beauticians reppin 10x’s harder than they do! Talent, not a problem, it’s there. Quantity, f%^# yeah it’s there. There’s 4 shops at every major intersection!

SOOOO what’s the problem? Why ya’ll sitting on your hands while the rest of the barbering WORLD (cuz it’s GLOBAL) are getting it in on a MAJOR level! Shout out to Major League Barbering School in the CT!

Barbers are creating reality series, how to videos, traveling to cut the stars and winning competitions across the country. But Barbers in Boston be sitting around talking bout “I’m chillin yo” or “I’m nice I don’t need no barber battle”!

WHAT!!!!! Our industry in poppin, creating new grounds for the entrepreneur in us all to develop better living conditions. But Boston Barbers be like “I didn’t know there was a show”.


I digress!

Today, in WORCESTER MASSACHUSETTS, it’s going down! The Mass Beauty & Barber Convention is hosting Massachusetts biggest industry event in some time and we, no I, want to see ya’ll there! BarberTime will be filming LIVE and looking for the next barber star!

Also, within just a few days we will be releasing FREE membership websites that look AWESOME and will begin The BarberTime Media Network’s path to a global media company. Ya’ll better take advantage of that too! Especially since we’ll be headquartered here, for now…!

Step ya’ll game up!

I guess I’ll pray on it…

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