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Avoid Holiday Trauma

By November 30, 2016News

Avoid Holiday Trauma

The holidays are rapidly approaching along with all of their excitement, joy, and danger. While most people will be gathering with their families and friends, many more will be spending the holiday’s in the emergency room.

68, 000 doctors and emergency room visits occur each holiday season, mostly from falls, lacerations and back injuries. Apart from that ignited Christmas trees and fires caused from faulty holiday lights cause more than 500 fire department responses nation wide.

You can avoid most of these traumas and potential tragedies by being sure to use lights that have been tested and approved by a regulatory agency, and not using any faulty or broken lights. Artificial trees should be listed as fire resistant, and real trees should be watered often. To avoid falls while decorating, use sturdy step stools and ladders on a firm surface instead of balancing yourself on furniture.

Just following a few simple steps and using some caution can keep you enjoying time with your family rather than spending time with a doctor.



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