The effectiveness of ‘The BarberTime Network’ is our barbers’ relationship with their clientele while in the chair. This is where the barber has a chance to mold his/her profile to best service it’s consumer base.


  • All consumer target types start with barber to client in chair relationship.
  • Our Barbers are informed how to assess their base then construct their profiles advertising accordingly to it.
  • Barbers can share offers via in chair conversation, in chair presenting of profile on tablet or other devices as well as sharing with their popular social networks.
  • Barber status/news blogging of their community and overall resourcefulness will be suggested, which will improve their BarberTime status, from which their constructed profile becomes more valuable.


How your small business finds its target through the BarberTime HB:

  • Pays the annual $100 setup fee
  • List up to 5 interchangeable special offers in the HB main store page
  • Each offer is listed in its category
  • Pending the offers service/product and price our barbers will select the best suited types for their profile, based on their clientele.
  • Our barbers can request specific deals from our listed companies for an inquiring consumer. Companies can reply with a tailored offer or decline.
  • Barbers share their offers with their clients via conversation, on tablet/device and on social networks.
  • Barbers can also post their selected deals in their blog
  • Site visitors can search by category or browse which barbers have the best deals.
  • Your business pays monthly charges only on clicks and other collected data.


Our Ad Partners find their target through BarberTime custom campaigns

  • Targeted and social media campaigns
  • Site wide push notifications of product/service alerts
  • In store product placements at select members locations
  • Focus group feedback
  • All format media branding
  • BarberTime event/community sponsorships