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Ask The Experts: When is it Okay to Use Sulfates on Your Curls?

By November 30, 2015December 1st, 2015Styles

Ask any curly girl about her favorite shampoo and conditioner, and 90 percent of the time it’s sulfate-free. Sulfates have been around forever, and most of us have washed our hair with it for as long as we can remember. But within the past 10 years, the general thought around sulfate hair care products is that it strips your strands of its natural oils, leaving it feeling dry, brittle and unmanageable. However, Deshawn Bullard, founder of NouriTress believes not all sulfates are bad. In fact, Bullard says your hair could use a few sulfates on occasion to thoroughly cleanse your scalp and hair. Here, she gets down to the bottom of the trend, and answers our most burning question: When is it okay to use sulfates on your curls?


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