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Unique Selling Proposition

BarberTime is the pioneer and only streaming social media marketing platform that leverages on what is possibly the original social media – ‘The barbershop’.  The morale amongst the barber world and its clientele is a relationship that instills loyalty and inspires trends vital to corporate branding BarberTime is a unique platform that combines the power of the barber network with multiple media channels.


BarberTime provides a single platform for

  • Barbershops to connect with consumers, to advertise their offerings and to develop a strong community
  • Businesses to utilize the ‘Barbershop’ as a media outlet apart from the multi-media channels offered by BarberTime
  • Key features such as state of the art technology, real-time offers and promotions, touch screen interface for deals & offers, with fully integrated media capabilities 

Our platform is like having direct local marketing and sales agents for your business. We are able to reach the desired consumer more effectively and under budget.

We can show an accurate estimate of visibility, quantity, and duration of the campaign

The Hustle Board is BarberTime’s unique promotional platform that will be used across all of our media formats. It is the promotional platform designed to increase branding capabilities for large and small businesses alike!

The Hustle Board is featured on: BarberTime’s TV & Radio shows – Deals page – BarberTime the Magazine – Social Sites – Email Campaigns.

Network Sneak-Peek

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