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4 straight for Thursday Night Football – TBMN Sports

By September 27, 2018Sport, Uncategorized

Sports: Thursday Night Football is on a roll

Thursdays Nights have finally gotten serious!

Their motto is, “It’s On”!

But since it’s inception people have been “Turning Off” their televisions on Thursday nights.

For the last few years the competition had been sluggish and the match-ups lacked intrigue.

But with last weeks Browns vs Jets last minute thriller and a shout-out in Cali between the Rams & Vikings, it’s been must see football.

Next weeks game featuring the Pats vs Colts looks like another good one! The Colts are playing tough and looking for a big win in Foxborough, but the Patriots are reeling after 2 straight losses and looking for some home cooking.

Thursday nights in theory, are good nights to see top level football. But with seemingly football everywhere at anytime, the NFL was thought to be struggling with football fatigue and Thursday Night Football was the where everyone’s fingers pointed to as the prime example.

With new quarterbacks playing well in new places and teams better understanding the short work week before the game, Thursday Night Football has caught up and given us one more calendar day to enjoy.

Hope it continues…

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