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Beyoncé Is Even Blonder

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While the rest of us are warming up our roots in time for winter, Beyonce, aka Queen Bee, aka Mrs Carter, is busy being the epitome of summer with silken blonde hair. The star has been sporting golden locks for a while now, but instead of deepening her color for cool weather, she’s done the opposite. The results? Barbie-like waves of almost white blonde perfection.And here she is at a party over the weekend, looking similarly flawless but with hair that’s even more Marilyn.

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Mass Barber & Beauty Convention (Recap)

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You should have been there!

Thats probably not something a media company should tell its family… but its the truth. We exist to put the spotlight on YOU; the barber, the stylist, the artist, the hair enthusiast… YOU. There was a great turn out! Brothers and sisters from all over the nation came out to show their skills, showcase their products, represent their cities, and teach some lessons. Most importantly, they came out to push the culture forward.

This past Sunday, we were able to meet with some of the most distinguished in the industry. @DLMasterBarber dropped some words of wisdom and wealth, we interviewed some local (and distant) artists, @BarberGeeks hooked me up with a fly straight edge (shot out), and… Well, I’m not going to get into the details because YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE. Also, we recorded it. The video will be posted on Monday, November 16.

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BTM Buzz with Mr. Peter Parker

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BTM: Who were your influences BEFORE becoming a disk jockey?

PP: I always looked up to Ed Lover & Dr. Dre from Yo! MTV Raps when I was a kid. I connected with Ed on a personality tip, but the silver and black flight cases that held Dre’s turntables were so cool to me.. I looked up to Funkmaster Flex, Kid Carpi, Ron G, Doo Wop and most of the big Mixtape DJs from the 90’s. The Fresh Prince of Bell air

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Barbers’ pay dispute with Modern Man

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A familiar argument flared up recently in a labor fight between Oregon officials and Uber, the ride-service company whose business model depends on contracted workers.

The dispute over what defines an employee versus an independent contractorpops up regularly across the U.S. economy as employers of all sizes seek to trim labor costs and workers try to gain more flexibility and control over their schedules and working conditions.

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NFL Power Rankings Week 3

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BarberTime Sports…

Week 3 proved the contenders from the pretenders! The Jets fall from the sky as the Broncos race to take their place. The Patriots remain on top with a 51-17 romping over the Jags while Green Bay and Arizona stay hot on their trail.

WK3 power rankings SQUARE

Only one thing left to do!

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This is the NFL’s “Golden” Super Bowl Season and Tom Brady is known as the Golden Boy. As you get older, competitive juices can begin to fade but the league and people around the world have ensured Brady’s already big chip on his shoulder feel like it did back in Michigan.

To Brady’s defense I ask why can’t the simplest answer to the whole deflate-gate be just what was said. Jastremski just went to the bathroom! Occam’s Razor…

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What is the New Normal in Dating?

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Thanks to reality television where the women are out of control, settling for blatant cheating men, arguing over dumb stuff, physical altercations with their fellow sistahs, and side chicks stepping to main chicks as if it’s their right. It seems we now live in a world where a lady, one who exudes confidence and carries herself with self-respect, dignity, and class, are now abnormal. I don’t consider these

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BTM Buzz with Leedz Edutainment

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Ned Wellbery a.k.a. Leedz was Born in Lynn, MA and raised in transit between northern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. He was subjected to music as soon as he was born. His Grandfather was a Jazz drummer and would play constantly in front him. His mother was a big fan of folk music and taught him the importance of lyrics through the music of Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Neil Young, and Leonard Cohen. But as a teenager, he fell victim of a broken home when his dad disappeared when he was only 11 years old, leaving him

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