Helping Hands Grants

Recovering Our Industries!

Coming this June!

Everyone knows Barbers & Stylists are more than just grooming professionals. They areĀ  their communities “Helping Hands”!

Covid19 has financially damaged the majority of the barbers & stylists in practice. Leaving everyone scrambling for the mandatory sanitation equipment necessary and money in which to do it.

BarberTime would like to offer our part, and continue to push the pedal on upgrading our industries.

Starting June 15th-29th, BarberTime will offer $250 Grants for our current Members and FREE 1yr Managed memberships, with FREE setup, for Non-Members.

We hope whatever we can do for you, helps! We know any cash helps and we are sure when you use our platform it will save you more and create a opportunity for earn more!



  • Must be a licensed barber or stylist. (If awarded, proof of license will be required to collect funds)
  • Must have a valid address for Non-Member eligibility
  • Must have an active membership to be eligible for Members Grant
  • Must have CashApp to collect funds if you are awarded Members Grant
  • The Winners are required to have their picture used with the Helping Hands Grants, image background



  • There are NO spending requirements
  • There are NO monetary questions
  • Answers to all questions are available to our funding partners


This page is updated as new information becomes available.


The BarberTime Media Network, Inc.,

Office: (877) 427-1177


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