For immediate release: (Political Gains) BarberTime to Host Localized Political Ads in Select Neighborhoods

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Politicians can now resource these “gems in the hood’ to create a groundswell of new voters and educate those on the fence.
With current installations taking place in Atlanta, Baltimore, Columbus, Philadelphia, and the continuing of the BarberTime Microsoft Stores Tour, people are taking notice.
Hair and beauty business owners are some of the finest communicators and offer…

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24 hours of free haircuts

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That’s why Sheer Kuttz and two other metro barbershops are keeping their doors open for 24 hours, teaming up with CeasefireKC, the barbers hope young men and women who might be facing hard times will come sit in one of their chairs and talk it out instead of resorting to violence. 24 hours of free haircuts

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Legally Blind Boston Barber Awarded $100K for Wrongful Termination

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Tony Morales, the barber shop’s owner, contests Nixon’s story and claims Nixon, who was an independent contractor with the shop, was operating without a barber’s license, and “couldn’t carry his weight” at the shop, according to the Herald. “It’s sad that people like Joel try to take advantage of their situation and create false accusations,” he added.

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Killer Mike Discusses Barbershops, Bernie Sanders on ‘Colbert’

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Would-be Georgia gubernatorial candidate and all-around civic activist Killer Mike made an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night, where he discussed his stylish sweatsuit, why Bernie Sanders is a politician in the tradition of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s philosophy of non-violence, and whether he uses the name “Killer Mike” for leverage in parent-teacher conferences. Watch it here, and check out Foals’ weighty, melancholic performance of What Went Down cut “Mountain at My Gates.”

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No face-time here!

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No terror zone

As a media company, BarberTime has an obligation to present you with the realest stories and on the edge perspective.

In light of the terrorist plots organizing around our world, BarberTime has chosen NOT to give the issue ANY face-time. Although this is a matter of utmost importance, BarberTime will choose not to engage in opinions nor the rhetoric established in the general media.

BarberTime will support all efforts of those whom oppose terror and provide an environment of positive #barberlove

God Bless San Bernardino, Paris, Chicago and our schools ravished by senseless violence!