About Us:

We have spent over 15 years cultivating and defining the stage that will bring the world a new perspective.

Our mission; is to get every barbershop to understand that they are a media resource for their community. Data comes in, and barbers facilitate it. We wish to get them to share their traffic through our platform to create a better branding experience for our ad partners, better deals for their consumers and create residual income and special benefits for the barber/stylist.

  • Chair – Point of contact and where trust is built. A portal into the life of it’s community
  • Consumer Base – Versatile and reoccurring, a chance to reach any demographic
  • Big & Small Business – Target barbershops to cut their cost of customer acquisition (COCAQ), create awareness and create localized economy’s
  • Informational Traffic – Opinions, referrals and ideas get passed around and can be obtained for many purposes
  • Media – Consumer traffic and their perspective will be represented via media entertainment

This is a natural process that millions of barbers & stylists around the world work in daily.

BarberTime is that conduit!

Our Media:

BarberTime captures the lifestyle of our industry and our relations with what people really look for.  No one can give you the true “barbershop talk” perspective like BarberTime does!

  • Scheduled programming
  • On demand library
  • Original productions
  • Barbershop feedback

For Professional Barbers & Stylists:

We want you to upgrade the ways you get PAID! You hook everybody else up, now get paid to do it!

You are a trusted resource but the ability to monetize that aspect is difficult. BarberTime knows, that skill and thousands of others like you will fuel our media platform and make advertisers pay you!

Turn your digital into monthly residual by learning to resource your clientele, your community, and your social media following!

  • Get your own entrepreneurial members profile
  • Join in and let your character be one of our correspondents. Be a Media Member
  • The best and only place that promotes for you, by you!


For the consumer:

Whether they’re looking for a bite to eat, some new gear or tech, and even an apartment for rent the consumer resources their barber to help fulfill those needs.

That reliance extends outside of the shop, gets shared by social media and returns as critical information about the purchase.

BarberTime utilizes this relationship to negotiate the best deals from our sponsors while allowing you favorite professional barber or stylist to compile the best ones for their clientele.

For Businesses:

Get entrepreneurial minded barbers & stylists to be your company’s direct Marketing & Sales Agent today!

Businesses are looking to cut their cost of customer acquisition, create awareness and create localized economy’s. Meanwhile, billions of dollars are spent on advertising and data collection services.

Small businesses are increasing their budget on digital marketing but BarberTime offers the ability to cut out the middle men! Those big shot media conglomerates!


  • The BarberTime Mogul Monitor platform content distribution
  • Audio, video, print and internet branding
  • Product placement
  • Product testing
  • Focus group