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Mission One BuzzOff for Cancer @ Patriot Place

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Look who’s doing Barber News: GQ! Why….?

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Our character, charisma, professionalism and humanity to our surroundings is not to #$%@ with and it shows at the best events and competitions around the globe.

The Industry Upgrade Series: Vol. 1 – THE SHOP

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From the palms of your hands or at your station you’ll have your STYLES PORTFOLIO, YOUR COMMUNITY MARKETPLACE, SCHEDULING, MEDIA LIBRARY AND LATEST INFO!

Nebraska May Soon Cut Regulations For Barbers And Other Professions

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Lawmakers in Nebraska are toying with a radical idea to boost entrepreneurs: Get out of their way. A package of modest reforms currently under consideration would reduce many burdens from

Bisquickblends Review: Omni Cord

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The obvious solution to this would be to go cordless. There are a variety of cordless clippers out there but they can cost a pretty penny, and if I were to replace my entire corded setup for a cordless.. Omni Cord System

Gaza barber uses blowtorch!!!

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“I control how long I apply fire, I keep it on and off for 10 seconds or 15 seconds. It is completely safe and I have not encountered any accident since I started it two months ago,”

Do black guys avoid white barbers?

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Haircutting taboos — like black men avoiding white barbers — are defied daily at Final Cut locations. That’s because the local chain employs ethnically diverse barbers deft at cutting all textures of hair.

BARBERTIME MEMBER – Boston’s Finest Barbershop, North Carolina in Statesville Hairshow

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Boston’s Finest Barbershop, North Carolina in Statesville Hairshow Boston’s Finest Barbershop shows off its team pride and professionalism.

BarberTime TimeLine

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From ski getaways to Super Bowl trips and from hair shows to Barber Battles, we got it covered! #barbertimeallthetime! This is the BarberTime TimeLine

Upgrading Our Industry

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