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This is a YouTube shared link by Trace105: Uploaded on Jan 9, 2012. In America Black men can’t go to Best Cuts to get a hair cut, where would I go in China? Well Ben and I head to Fuqing, Fujian to see if they can get it done. FYI Fuqing is like the Akron of China.

September 30, 2015 in News

Online Barber Championships

It will be single match eliminations with 1-on-1 competition until the final round. Meaning you, the contestant, only faces 1 competitor at a time, not you “VS” all! This increases your odds of advancing each round.

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September 30, 2015 in Editorials, Video

Top 6 Reasons To Visit The Bronner Brothers Convention In Atlanta

Dr. Boogs the Barber MD MD sits down with BarberTime’s Cornerstone Live host B Styles to read off his BarberTime the Magazine top 6 reasons to visit the Atlanta Bronner Brothers Convention.

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Behind-the-scenes of The Massachusetts Beauty and Barber Convention marketing director interview with Angelo Padin and BarberTime host Dr Boogs the Barber

Dr Boogs the Barber MDMD

Dr Boogs the Barber MDMD

BarberTime Media Correspondant

Owner of The Private Office Barbershop on 76 Fairmount Ave. Hyde Park, MA 02136

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