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BarberTime TimeLine

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From ski getaways to Super Bowl trips and from hair shows to Barber Battles, we got it covered! #barbertimeallthetime! This is the BarberTime TimeLine


TBMN Member Blog – MC Reggie Fresh Radio Host

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MC Reggie Fresh has created a platform for you to add a recorded radio interview to that campaign. He is supportive of what message you…



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The Big Apple proves again to live up to it’s name as BarberTime sees first hand, the inner workings of some of the worlds premiere media broadcast networks.


Barber Shop Now Pays Kids To Read

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The idea has taken off, with members of the community donating books and money to the shop to help the program thrive.


Barber Shops & Booze

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Recently in the Highland Park area of Los Angeles, Blind Barber, a company who operates barber shop and restaurant combos, applied for a liquor license for their latest venture.


Mogul Monitor Blog

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Our immersive platform provides your shop with an upgrade in technology… harness ALL of your skills and service your patrons… Mogul Monitor


Free Cuts for Good Grades

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Last week we told you about a barber shop in Michigan that was giving discounts to kids who read to their barber while getting a haricut.


The Ever Changing Beauty World

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The beauty industry has been driven by celebrities in the past, and still is today, but more and more today it is driven by social media, another…


Read to a Barber, Get a Discount

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We all know that barbershops are more than just a place to get a haircut. They are a place to grow as a person. A barber is wise, and people reveal their stories to them, and

Hair select MEDIUM

Big Business for Barbers

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In today’s society, jobs are hard to come by, and careers are almost going out of style. One thing that’s not going out of style, however, is peoples desire to...

Upgrading Our Industry

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